Debt Buyers

The debt buying industry has grown to a 100 billion dollar industry. The industry buys debt for pennies on the dollar and then sues on the full value of the debt. The suits are based on the idea that many consumers will default because they will not recognize the company suing them or cannot afford legal representation. The consumers wrongly think they do not have to do anything to stop the process. When the consumers do nothing, the debt buyers obtain a default or affidavit judgment against them.  DOING NOTHING is not the answer for consumers.

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  1. shoujibeizi says:

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  2. glombal50 says:

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  3. glombal50 says:

    The microblogging the screenshot China, December 28 hearing recently, an End of the World Forum for ensure the treatment of staff, on December 5 per person with 20 dollars to the mountain Timorese village committee to purchase the welfare lottery overdue will cancel the minimal needs treatment. the Deputy Secretary said in an interview, never force any department or individual to buy lottery tickets, and has always advocated the principle of voluntariness, has ordered the local Home Office rectification, severe criticism and education Shan Timorese village committee, to stop the welfare lottery sales qualifications, sending The investigation team deep into the mountain Timorese village committee investigating the incident. Previously, Suining City boat mountain Wencheng low household community to community to receive subsistence allowances, but also be forced to buy a certain amount of welfare lottery, or can not receive subsistence allowances. mountain Timorese village committee Sichuan text into the community, this force low households to buy a lottery ticket approach is also forced out of the oppression of the superior power and indicators, only to fight the idea of ​​low households, so that the city marginalized groups to buy lottery tickets, in order to achieve the assessment indicators. Power side holding guaranteeing payment charge, of course, unreasonable person in charge has also been processed to the public to discuss a statement, but the power to issue lottery indicators will not go away. In fact, for the average person,true religion outlet, 20, 30 may not be a big number, but for these low households, each of their money is to use on the blade, and a two The block will directly affect their quality of life. Low households for their human rights awareness and ability are relatively poor, in which case, only reluctantly to receive subsistence allowances payments in this way. relevant departments to force low households to buy lottery tickets, not only is apportioned, but also a blackmail. Welfare Fund for the Welfare Lottery, the nature of the role should be a rescue orphaned and needy, but in these events into relief their own money to buy salvage their own lottery. This is not only exposed the fact that lottery sales market and power bundled, do people doubt the the reason, or because the system does not expose the opaque, many laws and regulations can not be effectively implemented in reality the middle, and can not be effectively implemented, an important reason, is the legal supervision environment, supervision. Some departments use their power at the same time, the abuse of public power to dispose of a few clerical staff, or leadership alone, does not play a fundamental solution, and restricting the public authority who is going to start the accountability mechanism is the effective means

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