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Who could have anticipated that telling regulators not to regulate could lead to disaster? Anyone and Everyone

Tonight’s speech failed to address any of the reasons that the current crisis exists. Interestingly, the off the record comments that Wall St was “drunk” did not make the speech.  This would have required identifying the bartender – the regulators. … Continue reading

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Corporate Welfare Alive and well – The Government is planning to throw multibillion sandbags to stop the credit crisis flood

According to press reports, the government is preparing to throw more multi billion dollar sandbags to stop the flood from the mortgage crisis. There is a talk of a Resolution Trust II, if not in name, in spirit. For those … Continue reading

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How “high finance” from Wall St. lead to the run up in real estate prices

Real Estate prices began a wild ride beginning in 2001 until this year. Many thought it wasbecause of supply and demand. I disagree. The prices went wild because mortgagebrokers and Wall St.found a way to increase the buying power of … Continue reading

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The Credit Crisis Continues

I previously wrote about the anatomy of the mortgage business that was allowed to soar without pesky regulations in the first decade of this new century. The securitization system expanded with ever increasing exotic mortgages but it was also used … Continue reading

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